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Our Background

We started in the late 60s as a small engine build and balancing service, and as Fords interest grew in the performance and racing division so did our business.  Working with people like Bill Stroppe and Carroll Shelby, we help build in balance some of the greatest race engines in the late 60’s and 70s. Our business has narrowed its focus to products that provide our customers with hassle free engine builds and carefree maintenance years past others.

Why do we choose to sell our product on the eBay marketplace? EBay represents their customers as where individual webpages and the sellers represent themselves!  When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have you know there’s a lot of businesses who take money without providing product (only the promise of product at a later date).  Sure eBay charges an additional 5% for high valued sellers such as us, but we believe it is worth the protection of our customers to have a strong representing voice on their side. If you pay for product that was never received who will you complain to?  You could spend weeks or months filing a complaint with your credit card company before they recover your funds! 

EBay created and sustained the first marketplace that rates sellers performance and allows customers to do the same, which is why we have a 100% feedback rating!

Please visit our eBay store for a list of current available items. Click on link below to be detected to our online store: 


CNC Machined Ford FE Oil Filter Adapter.

Products We Carry

We only carry product we would use on our own vehicles.  When you find something for sale in our store, that means it is product we endorse. This includes our new line of Ford thermostat housing.

Where You Will Find Our Products

You will find our products in the most pristine  classic Ford restoration vehicles and major shows such as SEME and PRI.


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In the mid 2000’s we closed our doors to the public for our engine build and balancing work, focusing on extreme valve complete vehicle restoration and product availablity. We now have over 3 million in product available for our customers; assuring we have product in stock when others don’t!

Visit our eBay store or contact us if you’re looking for premium unique products!

Classic Blue Performance

Redondo Beach, California, United States

(310) 359-6984

Contact hours

We prefer email contact! This allows both parties to look back on previous inquiries to insure the proper product and services are provide. We are an all American business and do not outsource. We’re usually staffed more than 12 hours a day, so if you don’t get a response during our contact hours “let not you’re heart be troubled“ we are probably still working and you will probably get a reply that same business day.